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Fracap was born in 1848 in Monteroni as a small footwear production; when the brothers Alfredo and Giovanni Cappello entered to continue their father's activity, Fracap started to open up and become famous.

At the beginning Alfredo and Giovanni produced resistant shoes for farmers, but in 1987 Alfredo's sons, Antonio and Michele, started a new era for Fracap. They began producing shoes for the Italian Army and Air Force, introducing new models and soon becoming very famous. They also began producing for the Carabinieri and Navy.

Fracap became famous for the absolute quality of its materials and production. Every Fracap shoe and boot was produced using two of the most difficult and important techniques in the world of footwear: Goodyear and Ideal bottoms.

In 2002 Antonio and Michele decided to innovate their work. They introduced a new model of Fracap shoe, the M120, and entered by force into the world of street fashion. Today Fracap is one of the best known brands in Europe, Japan, Australia, Russia and USA, but the company is still located in Monteroni, and Michele and Antonio are still the producers of every single pair of shoes. This is the value of a truly Made in Italy product: with Fracap you are not just wearing a pair of shoes, you are wearing a piece of Italian history.