Loyalty Program

How does the point collection works?

For every euro spent on our site you will be credited one point when your order is delivered.

Each point has a value of €0.05.

Are the points valid both online and in store?

The loyalty program is an initiative valid exclusively on the online channel

Do the points have an expiration date?

Points expire 180 days after they are credited.

Do all products count towards the loyalty program?

Products purchased in the promotion do not allow points to be credited.

Points accumulated from the purchase of full price products can only be used for non-discounted products.

Can I convert my points into cash or discounts?

Accumulated points can only be converted into discounts (or coupons) valid for purchases within 180 days of credit.

In case of a return, are my points still valid?

No, when a return is made, the points earned as a result of the order in question will be cancelled.

How do I convert my points into discounts?

Points can be converted into discounts

  1. By accessing your personal area
  2. By clicking on the "My Loyalty Points" icon
  3. Clicking on the button: Convert my points

In the section below ("My coupons") you will see the discount code to be applied then during checkout