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In the midst of the Canadian mountains in 1989 in North Vancouver in the British Columbia area, the climber Dave Lane, was not satisfied with the products for climbing up to the time on the market, and decided it was time to produce own, starting with the manufacture harnesses for climbing and bags to contain magnesite, a short time later he decided to take advantage of the enormous experience and colleague Jeremy Guard view of his vast knowledge and experience in climbing, and this is where the legend of the "Dead Bird" was born.

In 1991, Lane Guard and decided to change the company name, inspired Archeopteryx, an extinct genus of dinosaur, a transitional form between the feathered dinosaurs and modern birds is considered the oldest known bird. The choice was made to reflect the vision of the company and its founders: to create a dirompete evolutionary innovation in the outdoor, just like Archeopteryx, who served as evolutionary bridge between land feathered dinosaurs and early birds.

The shift from a production point of view, came when the company was able to obtain a license to use the GORE-TEX® from W. L. Gore & Associates.
The attention around Arc'teryx has exploded during the Future Forum in New York organized by Nike in early February, when Drake and the same Virgil, turned out in the front row with two identical jackets line Arc'teryx LEAF.

In 2020 Arc'teryx appeared at the Paris Fashion Week show in Off-White, heads were worn with splicing technique along with rich clothes