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Holubar was born in Colorado, in 1946 from an idea of Alice and Roy Holubar, and began its activity with the production of down sleeping bags, backpacks, climbing nails, parkas. A true passion, , that of the Holubars, for outdoor activities, which gradually turned into a real business until the institutional start of Holubar Mountaineering in 1947.

The brand quickly established its market presence, initially in Colorado, and then throughout the United States because of the excellent quality of its products and the pioneering approach of Alice and Roy Holubar. In fact, we owe to them a great number of technical innovations, which have inspired for years many of the most renowned companies in the outerwear industry, such as the use of ultralight nylon and its combined use with down padding, or the adoption of 60/40 fabrics, a mix of Egyptian cotton and nylon that made the garments water-repellent and gave them a resistance to wear hitherto unknown, when cotton and wool were mainly used for mountain garments.

To Alice and Roy Holubar we also owe the invention of the Mountain Parka, one of the most popular garments ever in America, worn among others by Robert De Niro in the five Oscar-winning film "The Hunter" in 1978.

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