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Lovat & Green

Lovat & Green is a brand born in 2010 in Bilbao by Isabel Calonge and Carlos Castillo that has made the manufacturing tradition the focus of its production.

The brand offers scarves and unisex scarves that stand out thanks to the materials and colors with a strong personality. In fact, the yarns used are hand woven in India with traditional techniques handed down over the centuries using looms even 100 years old.

The name of the brand comes from the union of two words: 'Lovat' which is a special shade of green, typically found in the color charts of Scottish knitwear and 'Green' which in this case echoes the policy of research of authentic, natural and sustainable fabrics. For the winter, the noble fibers are wool, cashmere or mohair, while the summer is marked by cotton, silk and linen.

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