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Nina Leuca

Nina Leuca was born from a land, the last one you can meet coming from the north. To the right the Ionian, to the left the Adriatic, or even the opposite, the result is a point, Leuca. Here, at the meeting of the two seas, in the heart of the Mediterranean, originates the inspiration, research and taste of NinaLeuca.

Everything speaks of the south, and everything comes from it; Nina Leuca's clothes and accessories, from shirts and dresses to earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, strictly hand-made, enhance a spontaneous, refined, eccentric and sunny femininity.

NinaLeuca is an unmistakable style, the perfect meeting between tradition and originality, between the colors of Salento and a unique and refined taste, for a real woman, with Mediterranean charm, like a border land.

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