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Introduced in 2014, the maison Paltò aims to create classic coats, an expression of those unmistakable values of Italian style so loved by customers. The idea of the founder, Luca Paganelli, already "son of art" in one of the most famous Tuscan families for the production of outerwear, is to enhance the centrality of the coat as a "timeless" winter garment: excellent materials, affordable prices, distinctive classic style, tailoring techniques and handmade details.

Each Paltò coat is not simply a garment to wear... each model tells a part of history and style made in Italy. Paltò proposes itself on the market as the Coat Factory.

Objective and soul of the project is the recovery of the values, often forgotten, of the Italian dress whose main symbols are tradition, elegance and exclusivity. More specifically, Paltò revisits the elements of the truest Italian spirit: style, tailoring, refined materials and handcrafted details, updated and customized, according to the peculiarities and needs of modern society.

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