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List of products by brand PARABOOT


Present on every continent, Paraboot has been produced in France for nearly 100 years by the expert hands of men and women. Authenticity, quality and charm for a true and natural product are the characteristics that distinguish Paraboot shoes.

In 1927 the brand Paraboot was registered, from Para, the Amazonian port from which rubber was exported, and boot, the new and particular footwear discovered in the United States. Parallel to a technical lace-up boot, he creates some "light-duty" models for architects, surveyors and veterinarians. And so the "Morzine" model was born. In 1945, it was the legendary "Michael" that saw the light of day.

The history of the family has remained faithful to the vision of its founder, Rémy Richard, with a determination to ensure a long life for the company and the Paraboot brand. The company is still located in Izeaux, Isère, and has become one of the last emblems of "Made in France" and "sewn shoes" in the footwear world.

Paraboot is particularly appreciated in Russia, Japan and China for its extraordinary history, noble materials and excellent finishing, without frills. The models are the result of a constant search for balance and simplicity and are based on a single principle: the shoes must adapt to the feet and not vice versa. Throughout its history, the company has chosen to preserve the most complex production methods in order to perpetuate the brand's founding values: durability, comfort, finish and timeless appeal. Paraboot still produces most of its soles in rubber: an exception in the world of footwear.