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Reebok is the most successful sportswear brand of all time. The history of the brand began slowly, when Josef created the first pair of spiked shoes intended for a sporting purpose. The transition from passion to business came in 1900 with the founding of "J.W. Foster and Sons" and the "olympic works" that made Joseph William Foster and his sons famous all over the United Kingdom.

In 1958 Joseph's grandchildren created Reebok, its name comes from rhebok, the term indicates a beautiful and fast antelope widespread in African regions. They created the most innovative shoes of the time. The greatest success, however, was reached in 1989, thanks to the famous pump technology, based on the concept of personalized footwear.

In addition to being able to boast of being sponsored by great people, such as Shaquille O'Neal, from then on Reebok decided to focus on big sponsors, such as athletes. Today it is the turn of other celebrities from other sectors, music with Jay-z and Kendric Lamar, Hollywood stars with Scarlett Johansson and catwalks with Gigi Hadid becoming together with Adidas and Nike, the world leader in footwear.