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Roberto Ricci Design

RRD was born in 1989 from a strong passion for the sea. Initially it produced surfboards, the "annozero" collection, proudly presenting them to the German public at the summer Ispo. A small stand with black walls, in the name of austerity and perfect craftsmanship.

1994 is the year in which the production of moulded boards and the first clothing collection takes off with a more industrial approach. At first, the clothing was mainly for windsurfing enthusiasts and the sector in general, but then the production took off on its own. From the very beginning Ricci and Bardini called the clothing line "perf-romance", meaning that attitude that links sport performance to passion, to the romanticism of feeling.

The first winter collection dates back to 2011, while the following year saw the first real success with the public, with the specialization in the creation of a new outerwear, with unique technological and sartorial contents.

The winter jacket took its inspiration from surfing wetsuits: opaque, removing shadows and dampening wrinkles. This is how the winter storm took shape, born from the union of different fabrics and membranes.

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