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SCARPA, also known as S.C.A.R.P.A. or Scarpa, is an Italian company that produces mountain, high altitude and hiking boots, telemark and ski mountaineering boots, and climbing shoes.

The acronym SCARPA derives from the initials of Società Calzaturieri Asolani Riuniti Pedemontana Anonima.

The history of SCARPA® has always been conjugated in the future, with verbs such as walking, running and climbing, which have taken us as far as their meaning. A future that treasures experience in order to speak the language of innovation. A future that clings to the respect of nature in order to communicate the excellence of its products.

Everything begins with understanding the needs, because there are no solutions without first knowing the problems. It is from the understanding of needs that we understand the mentality and value of SCARPA®, a constant commitment since 1938. A company capable of listening to the needs of every sportsperson, every enthusiast and every beginner who embarks on a new passion.