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An icon of originality, Teva was born to give people the freedom to explore. It inspires those in search of new experiences and encounters of all kinds.

This self-definition of freedom retains its value even today. Born in 1984, from the idea of preventing sandals from sliding downhill: a young and intuitive kayak guide decided to detach the straps from a watch and attach them to a pair of old flip-flops. And that was it: Teva was born.

All footwear is designed like a painter's canvas. Durable and timeless, polyester straps are constantly being renewed in a variety of patterns created by designers all over the world. This is just one of the many ways we offer unique footwear, made to give you the opportunity to express your personal style.

  • TEVA1019234 Hurricane XLT2 Sandals - Black - Fabbrica Ski Sises Biella
    • -10%

    Hurricane XLT2 Sandals - Black

    €67.50 -10% €75.00
    TEVA Men's Hurricane XLT2 Sandals made of Polyester. Main Color: Black, Pattern: Multicolor, Season: Summer
  • TEVA1106786 Universal Trail Sandals - Green - Fabbrica Ski Sises Biella
    • -10%

    Universal Trail Sandals -...

    €89.55 -10% €99.50
    TEVA Men's Universal Trail Sandals made of Polyester. Main Color: Green, Pattern: Multicolor, Season: Summer
  • TEVATE1015160DBFB Sanborn Universal Sandals - Blue - Fabbrica Ski Sises Biella
    • -10%

    Sanborn Universal Sandals -...

    €67.50 -10% €75.00
    TEVA Women's Sanborn Universal Sandals made of Polyester. Main Color: Blue, Pattern: Solid Color, Season: Summer