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List of products by brand TRUE NYC

True NYC

The True NYC Brand was born from the inspiration and taste of its founder and designer, Giuseppe Mistrazzoso. As soon as he came of age, he left his country strong with his knowledge of tailoring and skills and started to travel around Italy, discovering all the faces of fashion. After a long experience in the fashion world, the desire to give life to his ideas is a constant presence that strengthens over time.

So he decides to look for new inspirations by leaving for America and right on the streets of New York, where his mind begins to imagine and elaborate, the brand True Nyc finds its birth.

A journey in which craftsmanship meets new trends and becomes contemporary. It is in pants that his talent has its natural vocation and it is precisely with this that he distinguishes himself and begins to be known.

As time goes by, Giuseppe's creations become more and more numerous until they become a collection in which the classic canons of Italian manufacturing are mixed with new styles and needs. Versatile garments, with a metropolitan flavor and perfect fit, made as once to be worn always.