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List of products by brand WILSON


Wilson didn't start its sports business right away. In fact, it was originally created in 1913 to find ways to use byproducts of meat slaughterhouses from the Sulzberger and Schwarzchild company, which was Wilson's parent company at the time. Then, in 1914, it went into the production of rackets, ropes, violin strings and surgical sutures. President Thomas E.Wilson, elected in 1915, changed course and, from that time, the company went into the manufacture of sporting goods.

Wilson produces different types of rackets, but the most used ones were marked by the brand K Factor. This brand includes the Six One used by Roger Federer and Juan Martín del Potro and the K Blade used by Serena Williams and Venus Williams. The racquets belonging to the K Factor series were entirely replaced in early 2010 with the new BLX series. The aforementioned, features the use of a percentage of basalt in the frame.

In addition to racquets, Wilson also produces bags, shoes, balls, etc.. It is also the official supplier of balls for tournaments such as Australian Open and US Open.