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List of products by brand EXQUISITE J


The contemporary style of the collections is dictated by the use of natural and feminine materials, and the high degree of craftsmanship of each item. The inspiration comes from the love for Color and Painting, following the abstract art, the Russian Deconstructivism and Rothko. A sophisticated and feminine style, entirely produced in Italy.

In particular, the creation of fun and refined belts starts from a creative reuse of materials; for example, the structure of the belt is made with elastic bands commonly used for suspenders. The motifs of the buckles, on the other hand, recall the passion for the world of vintage costume jewelry, so much so that they can be defined as "jewels of life".

The scarves, in very soft linen gauze or wool foulard, are entirely hand painted and embroidered. Then, dried on wooden looms. Embroidered sequin pastilles, felted wool scratches embellish the soft shawls, for a result of great effect. And then suede, raffia and leather handbags in contrasting colors; linen shopping bags enlivened by resin brushstrokes.