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Overlord is a brand woven on the loom of History. It is a body of work made from true stories, stitched together into a larger design, a broader vision of fashion and authenticity. Inspired by people and vintage clothing collected for over 20 years, Overlord began adapting military and work uniforms to create original, custom clothing.

He selects only high quality, natural fabrics and colors, authentic materials for military and work wear. Collaborating only with incredible and passionate artisans and small workshops, Overlord believes in handmade, true and meaningful clothing, only then can they design unique garments that make people feel special. Reliable and consistent clothes that improve with wear. Affordable garments that can be kept and loved for a long time, even a lifetime.

Upcycling without replicating, he reinvents streetwear trends in their coolest expression: street heritage style.